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Interview Interview And Observation - 1348 Words

In my interview/observation I chose 4 people. The interview included two women and two men. To pick the people for my interview I put a survey out and picked random people who chose to do the survey. The survey was presented by telephone and email . To select people I asked if any of my friends would like to take place in a survey possibly leading to an interview. I picked from close friends and family. The survey questions were: Do you smoke cigarettes? How long have you smoked? How often do you smoke? Do you consider yourself addicted or a social smoker? Would you like to quit? Have you ever tried? If yes, what happened? My first interviewee was a male 40 years of age who admitted to being a smoker of cigarettes since age 16 but didn’t become addicted until age 18. He stated he smokes 15 times a day. He stated he smokes less when at work due to lack of breaks, but once in the comfort of his home he smokes over half a pack. When asked if he would like to stop, he stated ye s and has tried, but only lasted two days before he relapsed. He stated he suffered withdrawals; On the1st day he wasoverly irritable, on 2nd day his head spun and he had a rapid heartbeat, on the 3rd day he stated he was calm, and felt a bit weird and so he finally bought cigarette. Subjective effects: uses it to feel a sense of euphoria Objective: tired and winded My second interviewee was male, age 57, who stated to be an addicted smoker since age 12. Now he claims to smoke 5 cigarettes aShow MoreRelatedParticipant Observation : Observation, Interviews, And Observations856 Words   |  4 PagesParticipant Observation How does one observe while simultaneously participating? It is an awkward position for the researcher to be in—the very nature of the term â€Å"participant observation† is at odds with each other; therefore the author must keep a degree of distance in order to fully observe and record their observations. At the same time, the author must do as the locals do, which is: it is very important for the researcher to connect with members of the population. As the researcher gets to knowRead MoreParent Observation and Interview2056 Words   |  8 PagesFor the parent observation and interview I had to really think about who to choose because of many reason: such as not wanting to offend someone or a person not being as reliable as others. In the end I decided to observe my mother and sister Tiana. My mother is a third generation immigrant to the united states with only two female children. She had me when she was nineteen years old in Guyana. My sister was born seventeen year s later in England to her current husband, making Tiana his fifth childRead MoreTeacher Interview and Observation Paper877 Words   |  4 PagesTeacher Interview and Observation on Lesson Implementation Theresa Flournoy University of Phoenix/Axia College EDU 310 At 1:00 p.m. I entered into Evoline C. West Elementary school on Thursday, July 12 2012 for an interview with Mrs. Yolanda Lawrence. As I entered the classroom, I was greeted by Mrs. Lawrence, the head teacher in this classroom. Mrs. Lawrence has no assistant at this present because of it being in the summer. After I entered into the classroom, the entire class welcomedRead MoreClassroom Observation and Teacher Interview1428 Words   |  6 PagesClassroom Observation and Teacher Interview Leslee Reaves EDU/305CA-Child Development September 26, 2012 Greg Frates Introduction My classroom observation took place at Golden Hills Elementary School in Derek Devine’s classroom. I observed his class for a little over six hours. Mr. Devine’s class is a special education class that consisted of fourth and fifth graders. There were 14 students and a teacher’s aide. Mr. Devine seemed to be in tune with the needs of his students. Interview QuestionsRead MoreMy Teacher Interview And Observation Essay856 Words   |  4 PagesFor my teacher interview and observation, I observed and interviewed Mrs. Jackie Tosh. She is a 3rd grade teacher and has 24 students in her class. Mrs. Tosh graduated from ESU; she obtained her Bachelors in 2004 and her Masters in 2010. Mrs. Tosh plans and prepares for her classes three days in advance, with her team. They come up with objectives and decide how they will accomplish each of them. The team then sits down again to see where they are at and to discuss if there is anything they needRead MoreInterview And Observation - Childhood Self Esteem Essay744 Words   |  3 PagesActivity: Interview/Observation - Childhood Self-Esteem Interview One- †¢ How well do young children do in school? (Learning competence) â€Å"Highly alert and able to attain information.† †¢ How do children feel about their classmates? (social confidence) â€Å"I am nervous to be myself around the others. What if they do not like me?† †¢ How athletic are they in gym? Are their physical scores higher at a younger age, or are they lower because of their age? â€Å"They can run for a long period without getting tiredRead MoreResearch Process Of Interviews, Observation And Analysis4293 Words   |  18 PagesThe research process of interviews, observation and analysis took place between 3rd April and 12th April, for about nine days. Interview was taken face-to-face with all the individuals. Before having face to face interviews, two short survey questionnaire was asked to fill out by each of the individual of the team. This was a bit challenging part since it was essential that this questionnaire is completed at the same time, so that the findings obtained from each one of them is regarded as equal.Read MoreThe Importance Of The Interview And Observation Of A Teaching Candidates895 Words   |  4 PagesBryan Goodwin attempts to bring awareness to the importance of the interview and observation of a teaching candidates. He states, â€Å"Leaders must look more deeply, examining whether teachers have adequate knowledge of their subject, know how to teach them, and intangible attributes.† Particularly, experienced principals realize that great teachers also possess many intangible attributes which cannot be quantified easily. Schools would do well to put as much careful analysis into selecting theirRead MoreTeacher Interview And Observation Of A Kindergarten Math Lesson Essay1074 Words   |  5 PagesTeacher Interview and Observation The teacher interviewed and observed was Mrs. Linda Grill, she has twenty-eight years of experience. Her first ten years of teaching were at an inner city school in Los Angeles, where she said, â€Å"I was the only white person there.† For the last eighteen years she has been teaching a variety of grade levels at Aurthur Hapgood Elementary in Lompoc, current she teaches kindergarten. As I work at the same school as Mrs. Grill, I interview her almost daily, for theRead MoreAlcoholics Anonymous Meeting Observations Of A Interview1249 Words   |  5 PagesAlcoholics Anonymous Meeting Observations Per my customary tradition of attending anything for the first time I arrived early to survey the environment as well as obtain a seat that would provide the most optimum observation vantage point. The alcoholics anonymous (AA) meeting I attended was held at the House of Disciples Life Recovery Center, a ministry of Wiseman Ministries. Interestingly enough, it used to be a funeral home. As I walked through the doors the first thing I noticed was a faint

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